Spectrium dashboard

Spectrum.ai, Making CCTV smart through vision learning

Spectrium is a suite of detection models and an integrated dashboard platform that utilizes CCTV footages to determine population density within a Mall or a supermarket & detects whether customers visiting your store have worn a mask or not

  • Increased trust between customer and store. Customer has a sight of data within the store
  • UI Dashboard for tracking data within the supermarket for customer ease.

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Collaboration tool

In-Store Insights From Security-cameras

The world’s first AI that captures full-store demographics and employee behaviour - without additional sensors.

Our unique deep learning AI does it all using just your existing security cameras.

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Collect accurate Full-Store data

No matter which store format, collect accurate metrics about your customers and employees.

Measure every aspect of the shopping journey, from entrance footfall, to product engagements and service wait times, all segmented by customer demographics

  • Store Operations
  • Retail Managers
  • Entry and Exit

Compare store performance

Define key business metrics to quickly identify best and worst-performing locations.

Scalable insights allow you to consistently compare every store and drive operational efficiency.

Computed and deployed on the cloud

UI Dashboard  for ease of customer Monitoring

We already have features you need, together in one tool.

Task management

Privacy by Design

Our technology never identifies individuals and we don't use facial recognition.


100% anonymous

Video is turned into anonymous analytics from source, which are aggregated for enhanced privacy.


Technology Enabled

ML-powered annotation tooling and quality assurance systems deliver high quality at low cost.



Operational excellence to provide extreme flexibility on quality and annotation requirements.


Data Visualization

Provide an accessible way to see patterns in data.



Efficiently scale large and multiple data pipelines to realize the impact of AI/ML projects.

Advancing Research and Development

Large-scale datasets for cutting-edge autonomous vehicle research.

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